Thursday, December 23, 2010

Follow Friday, 40 and Over and Thank You Java and Merry Christmas!

It's coming on Christmas--and time for Christmas Follow Friday 40 and Over with Java at Never Growing Old!  PLUS--I have received a wonderful Christmas gift from Java-a BUTTON made just for Empty Nest!  Here it is:

Isn't it absolutely PERFECT?!  (At first I thought: Awww..that poor mama and daddy bird and then I realized- That's exactly how we felt [see the hanky in the mama bird's wing?]! You wave them off and wish them the best all the while hoping that you've done your 'job' well and then spend the next 25 years missing them!)  Thank you so much Java!  I LOVE IT!

Here's another link to the HOP:

And now, some of our Christmas ornaments:

Here are a few of the ones that show some of the interests and/or activities of our daughters.

These are some of the ones the girls made while growing up--which are, of course, my favorites.

These are just some random ones.  The first one represents the college that my mother, me and Deanie all attended.   Next is an example of the ones we have for each grandparent and great grandparent who has passed away...unfortunately, we will be adding another one this year for Hubs' mother.  Then, my favorite cartoon character and the jingle bell-- I LOVE jingle bells and one year DoodleBug and Birdie gave me 15 different bells--this is one of them.

These are some of the ornaments I have from my grandmother's collection.

These are a mere smathering of the Santa ornaments.  Santa is THE MAN around here!

From our family to yours- WE WISH YOU A VERY,  MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The James Island County Park Festival of Lights

s, This is the second year we have bundled up and taken whomever wants to join us to the James Island County Park Festival of Lights.  The park puts this light show on every year and, for the most part, it's very pretty--  I just have a thing about some of the designs out there not being remotely holiday related--the firing on Fort Sumter, for example.  Anyway, a very dear friend of ours plays Christmas music out there a couple of times during the festival weeks so we went last year and had a great the freezing cold rain.  Tonight, it was freezing (not really, it was 36 degrees) but clear and, once again, we had a great time--except we missed Gibby (this crazy, Yankee sweet roommate of Birdie and DoodleBug's!).

DoodleBug and CurrentBoyToy with Tucker
The rider here actually starts to the left of the fence and jumps over it...couldn't quite capture that.

A conglomeration of lights.

This is what the old bridge connecting Mount Pleasant to Charleston looked like.

This is what the new bridge looks like.

This one and the next one are for Patrice and Gail.

 Self explanatory.  LOL


For my Jewish friends.

The moon got into the spirit of the evening.

Friend R

Friends R's hands.


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Meet Me On Monday

It's Christmas week!  Is everyone excited?!  We are!  PLUS it's MONDAY and time to link up with Java at Never Growing Old for Meet Me On Monday!  Come on y'all- join in the fun!


1.  What will your Christmas dinner consist of?  It's going to be more of a smorgasbord this year. We will have brunch with a breakfast casserole, Charleston (or Carolina) grits (which means smooth and creamy not gritty grits), an artichoke and wild rice casserole, a cranberry orange loaf and a couple of new dishes.  Then, for later in the day, we will have turkey, oyster dressing, squash casserole, broccoli, etc.  And, of course, we'll have all the homemade Christmas goodies just to snack on throughout the day like cheese and olive balls, homemade fudge, sausage balls, cheese wafers, cheese candy, fruitcake bars, shrimp tarts, crabbies, and on and on.  There will be quite a crowd here!

2.  Do you watch commercials or flip through the channels? I flip through unless it's a commercial that I like. 

3.  How long will you leave your Christmas decorations up? I leave them up until the day of Epiphany, January 6 (the day after the 12th day of Christmas)...which is also my birthday. 

4.  What movie makes you cry every time you watch it? Just one????  I won't even attempt to watch PS I LOVE YOU anymore because I just start crying my eyes out from the beginning.  And FAMILY STONE; LOVE ACTUALLY; any SCROOGE movie; LEAP YEAR; AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER; the list could go on for quite a while...I'm a romantic and a softee and that's all there is to it! 

5.  Do you have a Facebook?  Yes I am on facebook.  I was actually invited by my daughters originally.  I stay on there because it keeps me connected to family/friends and reconnected with old college friends.   A lot of my daughters' friends have 'friended' me on facebook too!  

Best Laid Plans

Excitement was mounting for the FIRST ANNUAL EMPTY NEST/CHRISTMAS OYSTER ROAST.  Food preparation commenced on time.  All needed items were purchased at the grocery store.  The order for three bushels of oysters was put in.  All was moving forward smoothly.  Which should have been a huge indicator that something was about to throw a wrench in the plan.  And it did.  Friday morning.  It was around 3:30ish a.m. that I awoke, with full awareness, that I was sick.  Are you kidding me?!  And this thing would not let up until late Friday night.  So, I sent out a mass email that we would have to postpone the BIG FUN until New Year's Eve.  Everyone was very understanding, some said it would work out better for them to have it on New Year's Eve anyway.  To top it all off, the weather was not cooperating either-it poured down rain nearly the entire day. 

That was all well and good.  Except the kids were disappointed.  So, because I did feel better, and the rain was letting up as evening approached, and we just didn't want to disappoint the kids, we let the college lovelies have a few of their closest buds over for some Christmas goodies, oysters, movies (and let me tell you that watching Love Actually or Christmas Vacation is not complete until you watch it with commentary from college students) and games.  And, it was a great time!  Except that we always forget one thing about entertaining the younger crowd.  They last way longer than we do!  However, we have learned that exhaustion is bearable when brought on by spending time with youth.

Ah, college kids.  Remember those days?

The lovely on the left has been Birdie's BFF since they were 3 years old!

Put the food aside, let the games begin!

Birdie's really good friend E, DoodleBug, Birdie's BFF M

I don't know...this looks like trouble.

I just love these kids!

DoodleBug's current BoyToy being silly.

DoodleBug and friend A smiling for the camera.

Boys + oyster knives = uh oh! LOL

Steaming another batch.

The games moved outside.

Shoveling out some steamed oysters.

More games.

A shovel full of steam oysters (you won't see me eating any of these things because, to me, they look like something one coughs up, not like something good to eat.

Friend S shows a nasty oyster.

Down the hatch!

Still eating!

And then they ate more!