Friday, April 18, 2014

What Makes a Really Good Day?

Having this little guy come for a visit!

As of April 2, 2014, this little one became a big brother to his little sister. Little sis has been back in the hospital for a week fighting a respiratory infection of some sort. Please add this precious family to your prayer chain(s).

Have a wonderful Easter!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Somebody Turned SIX!

It's Tucker's birthday!

Yes. I am THAT kind of pet owner. But y'all should already be familiar. :)

Happy birthday Tucky Bug! 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

No Rain on the Hodgepodge

Hey, hey! Spring break is almost here! I'm doing the happy dance of the utmost joy! And, so far, spring hasn't been too hot which is very nice. Though my allergies are going NUTS!

It's a good thing we have the Hodgepodge to keep us going!

1. April showers bring May flowers, or so the saying goes. When did you last 'shower' attention on someone or have attention 'showered' on you? Did you love it, or did all that attention make you squirm? I don't want to say why, but I've had attention showered on me AND I'm about to have more attention showered on me at the end of April at school. It's not bad or negative. But I HATE recognition and attention. I'm squirming already and dreading it like the plague. UGH.

2. Share a favorite 'spring break' memory. Not talking about just the 'college spring break' thing, but any favorite spring break memory you'd like to share. Keep it family friendly please! Well, the best spring break stories are from college and, since it's family friendly...I'll just pass on this one. LOL

3. It's National Pecan Month...are you a fan? If so, what's your favorite dish that calls for pecans? I love them. We had a pecan tree in our yard when I was growing up and it was great! My favorite? Pecan Pie, of course!

4.  'Put all your eggs in one basket', 'egg on your face', 'rotten egg', 'walk on eggshells', or 'a good egg'...which egg-spression could most recently be applied to your own life? Rotten egg. I'm surrounded. 

5.  In my experience Motherhood is the best experience I've ever had or ever will have. Oh, and wedding planning is for the birds. 

6. What's a  favorite song with the word rain in its title or lyrics? This one:

7. What does the word hope mean to you? Hope is that thing that I hold onto all the time. Even if I have nothing else, I always have hope. Hope keeps me going. It drives me. It's my sunshine. 

8.  Insert your own random thought here. We are fast approaching the big day! The bridal portraits turned out beautifully and I wish I could share a couple of shots here but I don't want to take a chance on the groom getting a gander of them. 

Spring break begins after school on Friday. Let me tell y'all, in my mind, I've been there for the last three weeks. Sheesh. 

Have a great rest of the week AND, if next week is your spring break, stand up and shout with me, "HALLELUJAH!"

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Poor, Poor Blog

I've been so neglectful of this poor, pitiful little blog lately. And I blame school. SC has jumped on the common core boat (sinking though it may be) and we agreed to do field testing for the new test. Along with MAP. And PASS. How dumb are we?

I could turn this into a HUGE discussion on common core- and, trust me, I have a lot to say about it, but I won't.

Why? Because something else has had us busy----

Remember this little man? He came to visit Friday night.

And yesterday, his new baby sister arrived!

Congrats to my wonderful nephew and his sweet, sweet family!

The babysitting is going to get really interesting now. LOL

Monday, March 24, 2014

The Gender Issue

I saw this article pop up in my Facebook feed and took a look. Y'all know I can't resist an article by a new or newish mom. I find them so funny. Just like experienced moms found me a long time ago. Anyway, this one lists 10 things people should never say to mother's of girls.

Seriously, no one EVER said any of these things to me and I have FOUR daughters.

Maybe it's because I'm not very approachable or maybe people around here aren't that stupid. Who knows? Seriously, the dumbest thing anyone ever said to me was when my MIL said that the screaming we were hearing HAD to be coming from one of the girls because boys don't do that. It was her grandson.

Mostly, people said supportive, kind things IF they had comments at all.

Here are the ten things the articles lists:

  • Aren't you going to try for a boy?
  • Girls are so much easier than boys.
  • Teenage girls are the worst.
  • She probably has lots of boyfriends.
  • She needs to learn how to cook.
  • Three women in the house! Your husband must be miserable.
  • They sure eat a lot for girls.
  • You're lucky- Girls are so helpful around the house.
  • God forbid if you're all on your periods at the same time. 
  • Girls are so emotional. 
And, of course, here are my responses:

  • Why in the world would I want do that? I grew up with three brothers and my husband is a MESS. I know what boys are REALLY like. So, I repeat: Why in the world would I want to do that?
  • There is no way this is an intelligent, educated statement. It seems to me that raising kids, regardless of gender, is NOT easy. Rewarding? Yes. Best thing EVER? Yes. Easy? NO. 
  • Ha! To be perfectly honest, I've never met a teenager who was pleasant to be around 24/7. They've all got attitude running amok regardless of their gender.
  • No she doesn't. Because she's way too smart to fall for the lines (that NEVER change no matter which century we live in) that boys keep feeding her. 
  • NEEDS to learn how to cook? No she doesn't. She should learn to cook if that's something she wants to learn how to do. In order to feed herself when she grows up. NOT so that she can feed some coddled boy when he grows up.
  • Nope. You've never met a luckier man in all your life who loved having daughters.
  • Have you honestly met a GROWING kid of either gender NOT eat a lot? During a growth spurt, every kid I've ever known eats a lot. 
  • Not my girls. House keeping was NEVER high on the list of things the lovelies did while growing up. Not a single one of them enjoy it to this day AND, only one really puts forth the effort. 
  • Way to spread an old wives tale.
  • Guess who the most emotional person is in our family? That's right. The man. He cries all the time. Always has. It is SO freaking annoying. To all of us. He gets emotional over EVERYTHING. Even stuff that the rest of us find totally and completely NOT worthy of an emotional episode. 
Yes, there are differences between the genders. That's the way we were created. It's just a fact. I know some of us partake in the humorous side of pointing out differences once we've become adults.  But I have to wonder why that's something that needs to be used as a form of attack against one or the other. Especially when children are involved. 

What's your take on this one?